There are many definitions of financial capability (often also referred to as financial literacy or financial education). To us it is about equipping people to make the right financial choices – those appropriate to their circumstances.

Leaving aside the fact that some groups are still excluded from financial products and services which many of us take for granted, we consider that it is important to make financial information available and accessible but also to provide specific training targeted at the needs of the recipient or group.

There is much information currently available to those who seek it out, there is interactive training available from such as the Money Advice Service and from many banks and financial institutions, these suit the learning styles of some but not all. Also not everyone will bother to access these resources.

Through our associates and in our own right we offer financial capability seminars and courses to young people and vulnerable adults. These provide the opportunity to manage and assess learning and enable delegates to enjoy the process whilst learning from us and importantly from their own and each others’ experiences.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.