Many of us use credit and an acceptance of that within society has led to an appreciation that on occasion people will have difficulty dealing with their debt without recourse to a range of debt solutions.

The first thing to do is to seek information and help in assessing the seriousness of your situation. We would suggest the first point of call ought to be the Money Advice Service’s website at where you will find information on a wide range of money issues, including debt solutions. The site also provides information and links to a range of free to client advisers and to reputable fee charging organisations should you choose to pay for a solution to your problem.

Please don’t use the link from the first advertising banner you come across or go with the first organisation that cold calls you – whether offering you a loan or a plan – without doing some research first.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed by your situation. Often people’s circumstances linked to the very availability of credit has led to the debts spiralling out of control and becoming unmanageable. Often also, life changing events from happy experiences such as the birth of a child, or marriage to regrettable ones such as redundancy or bereavement cause a problem or make the situation unmanageable.

What we can say for certain is that whilst dealing with your particular circumstances as unique, an experienced adviser is likely to have come across similar circumstances before and certainly will not be sitting in judgement on your actions or the reasons for your difficulties. A good adviser will help you find the right solution for dealing with your debt and will also assist you to recover from the difficulties you are now experiencing.

Please bear in mind that there is a recognised link between debt difficulties and ill-health. Debt pressure also affects relationships and/or employment. Get early advice from a competent adviser.

There is plenty of good advice available given face to face, over the telephone or even online; some available free some for a fee. Why lose more sleep?

If you need further direction please don’t hesitate to contact us.